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About me

Hello I'm "Anna Zaria" A - Z

the Founder and original

"Awakenings heart mind quantum light teacher."

A real and raw "Heart Specialist"

My Community and transformation bootcamp is "The Hearts Compass"

I'm here to upgrade you with truth and light codes encoding and intrinsic souls purpose knowledge and sciences.

Wealth and Abundance on all levels.

bringing in a higher vibrational state of life, purity and simplicity.

designing your life on purpose.

Soul's purpose


I also have a highly tuned ability as an architect to build light bodies. 

To integrate you with your truth I have done hands-on classes and rebuilding bodies for decades, with accelerated results.
To enable instant healing

the highest passion and purpose is breaking down old patterns and layering new patterns of consciousness in. 

Power from the future now

The sacred Language and encoding of birthright is pure love. Pure love is the architect.

It and up levels us to our mastery of creation.


Bringing in what we need, when we need it, with speed and quantum magic
Making it our new reality.

Our purpose is LOVE in it's highest form


Work- Play-Live -Love -Embody your Abundance 

Add Join me for your Free High Hearts Bootcamp a 5 day life and mindset shift to the your new you

Contact us

Manitoulin Island 

Ontario Canada 



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Soma Breathwork Therapy Intro

Authentic life livestreams

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